CIRED call for papers

CIRED workshops on specific topics are organized every two years between CIRED main conferences. In 2018, the workshop will address “Microgrids and local energy communities”. Microgrids and local energy communities can have a tremendous impact on distribution system development, and may offer a number of important advantages for the end-users […]

International Energy Agency: World Energy Outlook 2017

The International Energy Agency recently published its annual World Energy Outlook report describing “A world in transformation” defined by four shifts currently happening in the global energy system. The report presents several projections through to 2040 based on different policy assumptions, in order to give policy makers the tools to decide […]

Siemens announces broad restructuring

Siemens will cut about 6,900 jobs, or close to 2 percent of its global workforce, mainly at its power and gas division supplying large gas turbines for electricity generation. The division has been struggling due to the global surge in solar and wind. “The power generation industry is experiencing disruption […]

Lowest solar power price worldwide in Mexico energy auction

The Secretariat of Energy and CENACE have announced the preliminary results of Mexico’s Third Long Term Auction, in which the average price of clean energy was 20.57 dollars, one of the lowest prices reached internationally. The power auction pre-selected 16 bids with an average price of $20.57/MWh and 2.56 GW […]

REstore acquired by Centrica for €70m

Restore, a Belgian pioneer in energy technology, was purchased by the British energy company Centrica for €70m. REstore specializes in demand management for electricity and developed software that can be used to remotely increase or decrease the power consumption of large companies. They do that by, for instance, cooling the […]