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The Topconsortium for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) Switch2SmartGrids is a foundation that has been established to be the Dutch Innovation Consortium on Smart Grids. It is part of the Dutch Top Sector on Energy (TSE). The Dutch TKI Switch2SmartGrids is a member of the Global Smart Grid Federation.

Areas of Focus

The long-term agenda of TKI Switch2SmartGrids consists of three items:

  • Being an innovation platform for smart grids throughout the ‘innovation chain’, i.e. from RD&D up to market application and implementation
  • Actively stimulate cooperation between companies, academia and governments (match making), and create critical mass in selected topics
  • Create ‘eco system’ at both local and international level


The Foundation of the Dutch TKI Switch2SmartGrids:

  • Has been establised in 2012
  • 300+ companies, academia and (local) governmental bodies are participating in the smart grid ‘eco system’

For More Information

For more information, visit or contact us by Email or phone +31 33 700 9760. Chairman: Frits Verheij.

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