Utilities in the Connected Age: Strategies for Cybersecurity

Security is more than just a regulatory-driven necessity for utilities; it has become a business imperative. Most utilities can no longer do business effectively or efficiently without internet of things (IoT) technology; and recent events in the Ukraine have shown that large-scale attacks against power grids can succeed. Beginning July […]

The Digital Customer: Engage Customers as Individuals

Utilities are redefining their customer interactions to understand their customers more deeply than ever before. the ability to analyse energy usage data in real time, along with demographic, behavioural and psychographic data, enables utilities to tailor personalized energy programs and services for their customers. This IBM white paper, The Digital […]

Innovation and the Next Generation Utility

Faced with rapidly-evolving markets and incentives, electric utilities today have an unprecedented opportunity to develop new, innovative ways of structuring their businesses. In the past, utilities were driven by two simple goals: to expand generation and grid infrastructure and to improve operational efficiencies. That model is changing. Competitive distributed energy […]

A new perspective on utilities complaint management

Resolving customer complaints is an unavoidable challenge in the energy and utilities industries. Consumers take issue with products, services, policies, customer service, and the complaint resolution process itself. With multi-million dollar fines at stake, providers must prioritize the implementation of a robust complaints management system. Download your FREE copy of […]

Delivering the Next Generation Utility Customer Experience

This new report discusses a horizontal approach to each customer class – commercial, small business, municipal or residential – that requires an ongoing transformation, rather than a one-time pivot in business practices. By embarking on this transformation today, utilities will be well-positioned to increase their value to customers and shareholders. […]