Batteries To Revolutionize Renewable Energy In California

California is on a mission to lead the country in renewable energy. This is shown by the massive solar farms and amounts of wind turbines you can find scattered all over the state. Another investment in renewables that shouldn’t be under the radar: storage. Lithium ion batteries are increasingly used […]

Energy Storage Primed for Dramatic Growth in Emerging Markets, Helping Renewable Power

New research from the World Bank Group shows that energy storage technology will become more accessible in emerging markets in the coming decade, enabling a significant scale-up of renewable energy as a clean source of electricity generation. The new report commissioned by IFC and the World Bank-administered Energy Sector Management […]

Solar PV and batteries in New Zealand – consumer centric electricity

New Zealand households are now enthusiastically adopting new energy technologies – from energy efficient appliances, to household solar photovoltaics (PV) and demand management systems, and more recently, household batteries. This is changing the dynamics of the established electricity system, and while some utilities are taking advantage of the new opportunities, […]

ISGAN discussion paper on storage and balancing

Storage and balancing as key elements for future network planning and electricity markets design ISGAN recently published a report about storage and balancing. The aim of the report is to analyze the flexibility contribution that identified resources could provide as a contribution towards the achievement of efficient and cost-effective dispatching of the electric system, […]