First subsidy-free solar power plant with battery storage opened in UK

The first solar power plant in the UK to operate without any kind of government subsidy was officially opened on 26 September. The Clayhill Solar Farm constitutes a 10MW solar farm in Bedfordshire along with 6MW of battery storage, developed by Anesco. The farm is expected to generate enough power […]

Solar PV and batteries in New Zealand – consumer centric electricity

New Zealand households are now enthusiastically adopting new energy technologies – from energy efficient appliances, to household solar photovoltaics (PV) and demand management systems, and more recently, household batteries. This is changing the dynamics of the established electricity system, and while some utilities are taking advantage of the new opportunities, […]

Is the growth in variable generation like solar and wind worrying you?

With the load fluctuations that accompany solar and wind generation, fast-ramping is rapidly becoming a must-have resource. But most base-load generation resources can’t be quickly cycled up or down. That’s why the highly touted “duck curve” has a big belly – representing the over-generation that occurs as long-start generation resources […]

Smart inverters for smart solar grids

Improved performance and manageability of solar plants provides benefits to grid operators.. When a large solar power plant relies on a relatively small number of central inverters, the failure of just one can have an immediate impact on the quantity and quality of energy supplied to the grid. With string […]