European Energy Producers Pledge No New Coal Plants After 2020

The Union of the Electricity Industry released a statement pledging not only to respect the goals set by the Paris Agreement but also announcing there will be no new coal plants after 2020. Eurelectric’s members say they are committed to delivering a carbon neutral power supply in Europe by 2050. […]

Top 3 energy storage advances from the White House Summit

At last week’s White House Summit on renewables and energy storage, dozens of grid operators, power companies, federal and community organizations, developers, manufacturers and investors announced commitments to support the U.S. in moves toward a more reliable energy grid. Click here for the top three most impactful and interesting items.

The Hidden Battery- Opportunities in Electric Water Heating

Energy and environmental stakeholders are uniting around “community storage” to help solve the electric industry’s energy storage challenge, as key industry groups, including the nation’s utility trade associations, environmental groups, manufacturers and more than a dozen individual utilities, support the Community Storage Initiative. Community storage refers to a spectrum of […]