Solar PV and batteries in New Zealand – consumer centric electricity

New Zealand households are now enthusiastically adopting new energy technologies – from energy efficient appliances, to household solar photovoltaics (PV) and demand management systems, and more recently, household batteries. This is changing the dynamics of the established electricity system, and while some utilities are taking advantage of the new opportunities, […]

Homes to lead nanogrid revolution

The rise of storage as a cost effective addition to a rooftop PV system is set to transform the building distributed generation market. The combination of solar PV and storage at building level will be a key driver of the nanogrid market. Technically, a nanogrid is a modular building block […]

Morgan Stanley: fixed charges on solar may cause ‘tipping point’ for grid defection.

In a new report, published by Morgan Stanley on the growth of the solar industry, researchers warn that high fixed charges on net metering could encourage more customers to pair lithium-ion batteries with PV systems and abandon the central electricity system altogether. Utilities, including those with almost no solar deployment […]

The traditional utility model at a crossroads

Energy-wide trends including increasing sustainability concerns, energy costs and reliability of supply are compounding such local utility challenges as ageing networks, regulations and the growth of distributed generation such as solar PV. To address these evolving challenges, distribution network utilities will have to adapt to deliver against their core service […]