Microgrids: from pilot to commercial deployment

Today, the Global Smart Grid Federation published the report ‘Status and Insights on Microgrids: From Pilot to Commercial Deployment’. The report identifies various functions of microgrids, determines barriers to their commercialization and presents solutions for promoting microgrid commercialization, based on insights from existing microgrid pilot projects. One of the main […]

The Energy Vision 2030-2050 of Flanders

The Flemish government has approved the Energy Vision 2030-2050, which determines how to continue the energy policy in Flanders after 2020. It is the result of one year of consultation between the Flemish Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein, over 40 stakeholders from industry, academia, social partners and different sector federations […]

Microgrids in the 21st century power system

Microgrids are evolving from basically a standby power system in case of an outage for an individual customer, to fast becoming an integral component of today’s power system. This is being assisted by the falling costs of solar and storage, along with advances in control automation technology. Microgrids can contribute […]

India gets serious about microgrids

The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s draft national policy for minigrids and microgrids aims to create up to 500 megawatts of capacity over the next five years for rural electrification. The policy provides some much-needed certainty to the sector and includes things such as single-window clearance, grid connectivity […]

Building the Business Case for Commercial Microgrids

The majority of microgrids that have come online to date – whether grid-connected or off-grid – have been pilot projects or research and development (R&D) experiments.  Now the industry is moving into the next phase of project development, focusing on how to develop projects on fully commercial terms.  It appears […]