Member of the month: Think Smartgrids

First International Forum IEEE Smart Grids for Smart Cities The international Forum on Smart Grids for Smart Cities organised by IEEE in partnership with Think Smartgrids took place from 16 to 18 October in the Salon de l’Hôtel des Arts et Métiers in Paris. Philippe Monloubou, President of Think Smartgrids, […]

IEEE International Forum Smart Grids for Smart Cities

For the past few years, smart grids have been the main topic of fervent research and development at both industrial and academic level. They are expected to be the enablers of a high penetration of renewable energy, facilitate the wide adoption of electrical vehicles, increase the awareness and the involvement […]

IEEE Smart Grid Research Documents

The IEEE Standards Association’s (IEEE-SA) growing library of Smart Grid vision and research papers, is gradually being released as the IEEE Smart Grid Research Documents. This expanding collection of IEEE Smart Grid-related intelligence addresses problems and challenges in both the long- and short-term and is the result of a concerted […]

Grabbing the dollars on the ground by opting in to energy efficiency

We’ve heard a lot lately about some large energy-using customers like large factories and retail chains seeking to opt out of energy efficiency programs. But what about the states and utility service territories where these customers are opting-in instead? It’s happening. It turns out that when efficiency programs are done […]

Google inverter challenge

Google and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) are offering a US $1 million prize to anyone who can design a power inverter that is about 10 times smaller than what is available today. The Little Box Challenge calls upon those with “a healthy disregard for the perceived […]