ISGAN Workshop

The FPS Economy, SME, Self-Employed and Energy – DG Energy&EnergyVille, would like to invite you to the public workshop of the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN): Building the flexible power systems. From analog to digital, from lorry to EV, from customers to prosumers 12 September 2017, 09h30-18h00 All over […]

Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF)

The growing share of variable generation in Europe is increasing the need for flexibility in the electricity system. By choosing to be flexible about non-time dependent electricity consumption, consumers can help to reduce grid stress. They could lower their energy bills by selling flexibility to market actors who aggregate enough […]

Is the growth in variable generation like solar and wind worrying you?

With the load fluctuations that accompany solar and wind generation, fast-ramping is rapidly becoming a must-have resource. But most base-load generation resources can’t be quickly cycled up or down. That’s why the highly touted “duck curve” has a big belly – representing the over-generation that occurs as long-start generation resources […]