energy storage

APS to Use Energy Storage instead of Traditional Infrastructure on the Grid

Instead of rebuilding about 20 miles of transmission and distribution poles and wires, Arizona Public Service (APS) will  install two battery storage systems in rural Punkin Center, Arizona, making it one of the first electricity companies in the nation to use batteries in place of traditional infrastructure. The two 4-megawatt-hour […]

Energy Storage Systems for Cook Islands in the Pacific

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has approved funding to support a proposed Asian Development Bank (ADB) program that will assist seven Pacific island countries to transition to a renewable energy future. The proposed Pacific Islands Renewable Energy Investment Program will assist Cook Islands, Tonga, Republic of Marshall Islands, Federate States […]

The new economics of energy storage

Energy storage is a favourite technology of the future. Energy storage absorbs and then releases power so it can be generated at one time and used at another. Major forms of energy storage include lithium-ion, lead-acid, and molten-salt batteries, as well as flow cells. The major benefits of energy storage […]

Top 3 energy storage advances from the White House Summit

At last week’s White House Summit on renewables and energy storage, dozens of grid operators, power companies, federal and community organizations, developers, manufacturers and investors announced commitments to support the U.S. in moves toward a more reliable energy grid. Click here for the top three most impactful and interesting items.