electric utilities

Radical changes for electricity utilities by Paul Budde

There is no doubt that the current business model of most electricity utilities around the world is under enormous pressure. From many different directions – political, environmental and economical – the industry is under pressure and it has no choice but to change. This, of course, is far more easily […]

The new face of utility storm damage assessment

The expectations of customers, regulators and politicians to receive timely and accurate information on a storm’s impacts and the utility’s response are rising. Aiming to satisfy stakeholder expectations and expedite restoration, utilities across the world are deploying mobile data collection tools to link data from the field with information available […]

Communication breakdown between utilities and their online customers

Utilities are lagging behind most of their peers and government agencies when it comes to using digital technology to reach their customers. In 2014, only 26% of utilities, sampled in an investigation, offered mobile applications to their customers, and only 20% of utility websites included customer usage monitoring. Booz Allen […]