APS to Use Energy Storage instead of Traditional Infrastructure on the Grid

Instead of rebuilding about 20 miles of transmission and distribution poles and wires, Arizona Public Service (APS) will  install two battery storage systems in rural Punkin Center, Arizona, making it one of the first electricity companies in the nation to use batteries in place of traditional infrastructure. The two 4-megawatt-hour […]

Batteries To Revolutionize Renewable Energy In California

California is on a mission to lead the country in renewable energy. This is shown by the massive solar farms and amounts of wind turbines you can find scattered all over the state. Another investment in renewables that shouldn’t be under the radar: storage. Lithium ion batteries are increasingly used […]

Battery Technologies

Rapid advances in wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are being mirrored by innovations in battery technologies. Lithium-ion and primary lithium are the chemistries of choice in sensors for IoT, wearable devices, smart cities, and storage. While the lithium-ion market is expected to reach $55 billion by 2020 […]

Battery storage

Nobody in the power industry has yet been able to come up with a cost-effective way to store large volumes of energy for later distribution but billionaire Elon Musk thinks he can by turning the mattress-shaped batteries in Tesla’s electric car into upright pillars so they can be used to […]

Helping Battery Cost Declines Keep Going and Going…

Batteries can play an important role in helping realising a clean, affordable electricity future powered largely by distributed renewables. But forecasted declines in the cost of lithium-ion cells won’t be enough. Just as with solar, batteries’ balance-of-system costs—permitting, interconnection, inverter/converter costs, installation labour, safety testing, battery enclosure, power electronics, etc.—will […]