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Ensuring security and reliability in smart meters

This report discusses the cyber security issues in smart meters and the associated advance metering infrastructure. It is expected that the global smart meter deployment would cross 800 million by 2020. Several geographies including North America and Europe have achieved a significant portion of their targets already. While smart meters offer significant benefits, it is also understood that as software and communications become more pervasive, systems will become prone to previously alien issues – security being one of them. In this report, challenges are presented from a privacy and system security standpoint that must be addressed at the design and rollout phase. The objective is to highlight the fact that security and reliability can’t be isolated from each other.

Clean Energy Innovation Policy in Israel: Identifying Fundamental Principles through a Case Study of Smart Grid Policy

This project has been conducted in cooperation between the Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology (SNI) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). The goal of the project has been to analyse policy lessons emerging from Israel’s successful efforts to spark, direct, and accelerate the process of technological innovation in the clean energy sector. Specifically, the project examines the case of Israeli smart grid innovation to identify fundamental policy design principles that can be applied across other technology groups and in other countries with different political, economic, and technological contexts.

Danish Governments Smart Grid Strategy

The intelligent electricity network can contribute towards handling varying amounts of power in the electrical network when more wind turbines are added to the electricity supply and with new energy consumption from. In April 2013 the Danish government therefore launched a Smart Grid Strategy. The strategy aims to promote flexibility in consumers’ energy consumption, which could cheapen the green transition of the energy system. Increased flexibility will help using fluctuating energy from especially wind turbines increasingly when it is produced. Moreover, the need for expansion of the electricity grid is reduced. The Smart Grid Strategy was prepared in close collaboration with the energy industry which is responsible for a number of concrete initiatives.

Smart Grid: A Great Consumer Opportunity

As Great Britain prepares the largest mandated smart meter (a key smart grid technology) roll out in the world, this piece of work is intended to provide those taking the big decisions with helpful insights and recommendations on how smart grid consumer education and engagement can be done successfully.

2013 Grid Modernization Index (GMI) Report

The GridWise® Alliance and the Smart Grid Policy Center announced the release of the first Grid Modernization Index (GMI). The GMI evaluates and ranks states based on their progress in modernizing their electric systems with smart grid technologies. The GMI applies a clearly defined set of criteria to evaluate the progress of state grid modernization efforts in three key areas: policy, customer engagement and grid operations. The report highlights the 15 states that scored the highest. California and Texas tied for the highest overall score, followed by Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Arizona, the District of Columbia, Ohio, Nevada, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Oklahoma, Vermont and Maine complete the top fifteen.

Scottish-Enterprise Smart Grid Sector Strategy Website 

This website houses the May 2012 publication of the Scottish smart grid sector strategy report. The site also includes timely information on opportunities for Scottish businesses, and details on how to participate in a working group to develop the national Smart Grid Action Plan. 

This U.S. government Web site is a resource for information about the Smart Grid and U.S. government-sponsored Smart Grid projects.

The OFGEM Energy Demand Research Project 

Produced by AECOM for OFGEM, the Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets, this project was developed to analyze consumers responses to different forms of information about their energy use from 2007 – 2010.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland: Smart Grid Roadmap to 2050

Produced by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and IrelandSmartGrid, the roadmap details the steps needed to realize an advanced electric grid in Ireland by 2050 and how an advanced grid will benefit the nation economically, environmentally, and socially.

Smart Grid GB Release Report on Demand Side Response

Smart Grid GB has released a report on the UK government’s plans for the creation of a Capacity Market and the implications this could have on demand side response.  A copy of the press release is attached to this email.

Development of the Smart Grids in Spain