Batteries To Revolutionize Renewable Energy In California

California is on a mission to lead the country in renewable energy. This is shown by the massive solar farms and amounts of wind turbines you can find scattered all over the state. Another investment in renewables that shouldn’t be under the radar: storage. Lithium ion batteries are increasingly used […]

Member of the month: Smart Grid Mexico

As of the publication of the Energy Reform in December 2013, a series of changes in the traditional conception of the energy system in Mexico started. Of particular importance for the electricity sector: in August 2014 the Law of the Electricity Industry was published. This Law sets up a new […]

Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation construct largest battery in Europe

Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) are going to construct the largest battery system in Europe with their joint venture EnspireME. This battery system, located in Germany, will enable the companies to supply sustainable reserve capacity to the European electricity grid. Both parties will also start a pilot project involving the […]

European Energy Producers Pledge No New Coal Plants After 2020

The Union of the Electricity Industry released a statement pledging not only to respect the goals set by the Paris Agreement but also announcing there will be no new coal plants after 2020. Eurelectric’s members say they are committed to delivering a carbon neutral power supply in Europe by 2050. […]

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2017

As the cost of renewable energy continues to decrease, the world added record levels of renewable energy capacity in 2016, at an investment level 23 per cent lower than in 2015, according to new research published early April by UN Environment, the Frankfurt School—UNEP Collaborating Centre and Bloomberg New Energy […]