Logo of SmartGridIreland

SmartGridIreland is a network of organizations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland that seeks to jointly exploit new commercial opportunities in the Smart Grid sector locally, nationally, and internationally. Its member organizations come from industry, research bodies, universities, and government agencies. SmartGridIreland is a member of the Global Smart Grid Federation.

Areas of Focus

SmartGridIreland is focused on:

  • Establishing a consensus view of the network challenges that Smart Grids could help address and the likely features and functionality that would characterize a Smart Grid for the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Establishing whether any barriers exist and, if they do, proposing ways to address them
  • Galvanizing stakeholders to translate policy into action and change through collaborative networking
  • Proposing  RD&D opportunities that should be pursued to ensure that networks companies are fully prepared to deploy smarter solutions as they become necessary or beneficial
  • Determining the high-level costs and benefits of developing smart grids.



  • Was formed in 2009
  • Has 50+ members.

For More Information

For more information, visit the SmartGridIreland Web site or contact Paddy Turnbull, chair, by e-mail or by phone at 44 (0)28 9073 7950.