Smart Grid Australia

Logo of Smart Grid Australia

Smart Grid Australia is a nonprofit, nonpartisan alliance dedicated to an enhanced, modernized electric system. It is a member of the Global Smart Grid Federation.

Areas of Focus

Smart Grid Australia is focused on these areas:

  • A vision for the electric system of the future based on sound technical, operational, and environmental principles
  • A national initiative to help address environmental issues in relation to the power industry and transform the infrastructure, technologies, and market
  • An alliance to move this initiative forward and join voices in favor of a fully modern intelligent electric system
  • The opportunity to participate in an important new market that will revolutionize how electricity is produced, delivered, and used.


Smart Grid Australia:

  • Was formed in 2008
  • Has 50+ members.

For More Information

For more information, visit the Smart Grid Australia Web site or contact:

Paul Budde, chair


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