Regulatory Resources

The full liberalization of electricity retail market in Japan started.

Up until now, the low voltage (consumers below 50 kW of maximum demand) electricity retail market in Japan has been a local monopoly market, with 10 vertically integrated electricity companies (the electricity market for factories and office buildings has been deregulated in 2000, for consumers above 500 kW in 2004, […]

Utility Security: Exceeding Mandates to Mitigate Risk

Security is more than just a regulatory-driven necessity for utilities; it has become a business imperative. Most utilities can no longer do business effectively or efficiently without internet of things (IoT) technology; and recent events in the Ukraine have shown that large-scale attacks against power grids can succeed. Beginning July […]

Combating Utility Fraud Rings

Today’s energy markets are no longer shaped by just regulation and disintermediation, they’re now also characterized by greater end-user choice. However, in this changing landscape, new threats arise from fraud rings seeking to exploit utilities. Download this complimentary eBrief and learn how utilities can simultaneously nurture an outstanding customer experience […]

Rethinking transmission planning

Changing the way we plan major transmission expansions can save customers billions during the coming transition to new forms of electric generation, new modes of managing the grid, and new uses of electricity. WIRES  offers this white paper as part of its ongoing mission to provide policymakers and practitioners in […]