Press releases

Meet the winners of the 2nd annual ISGAN and the GSGF Award.

ISGAN and GSGF Celebrate Excellence in Smart Grids for Renewable Energy Integration Today, during an awards ceremony at the sixth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) and the Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) announced the winners of the second annual ISGAN Award of Excellence and the first‐ever GSGF Best […]

Costs for renewable distributed generation on the decrease

Global Smart Grid Federation’s world-wide overview on distributed generation – The outlook of electricity systems is changing rapidly on a global scale. Although different countries are typically characterized by a different generation mix and distribution system structure, the results of the GSGF study ‘Grid Connectivity of Distributed Generation’ confirms that […]

Interoperability: A must for the development of smart grids

The Global Smart Grid Federation takes a worldwide view of interoperability, lifting it out of the technical domain and into a real-life strategic context –  Today, GSGF published a report on smart grid interoperability. It assesses the existing smart grid situation on a global scale and identifies key interoperability challenges […]

The First Global View on the Progress of Clean Vehicle Technology

Global Smart Grid Federation Releases Report on Large-Scale Rollout of Electric Vehicles – The Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) today released a state-of-the-art overview of the international developments in electric vehicles. Highlighting business opportunities, key trends and developments, and policy initiatives, it provides a total and global view on the […]