Country Presentations from Amsterdam Board Meeting

In Amsterdam a very interesting discussion took place aiming at the overall view of the members on the challenges for their local organizations with the aim to find out how GSGF could help to be the bridge for information exchange between them to address their main concerns. Overall, it was […]

Norway’s path to sustainable transport

Institute of Transport Economics – Norwegian Center for Transport Research – Thanks to the substantial purchase tax levied on new passenger cars, the Norwegian government has a quite powerful climate policy instrument at its hand. Continued application of this instrument may halve the greenhouse gas emissions from Norwegian cars within two or […]

GSGF visited the national smart grid conference 2014 in Norway

GSGF visited the National Smart Grid Conference 2014 in Norway The mandatory implementation of smart metering in Norway by 1st of January 2019 has sparked a renewed interest in wider smart grid challenges and opportunities within the electricity sector. The Norwegian Smart Grid Centre, in cooperation with Energy Norway, hosted […]