ETP 2017 maps major transformations in energy technologies over next decades

The global energy system is changing. More people are connecting to the grid as living standards improve around the world. Demand for consumer appliances and electronic devices is rising. New and innovative transportation technologies, such as electric vehicles and autonomous cars are also boosting power demand. The International Energy Agency’s […]

France: what are the expected competencies of industrialists regarding smart grids?

Paris, June 8, 2017. The Think Smartgrids association, which aims to develop the Intelligent Electrical Networks (REI) network in France and to promote it in Europe and abroad, has released its study on the competencies regarding smart grids expected by industrials. France ranks first in smart grids in Europe and […]

Batteries To Revolutionize Renewable Energy In California

California is on a mission to lead the country in renewable energy. This is shown by the massive solar farms and amounts of wind turbines you can find scattered all over the state. Another investment in renewables that shouldn’t be under the radar: storage. Lithium ion batteries are increasingly used […]