The French electricity and gas distribution operators create the ORE Agency to smooth the energy transition through digital technology

All the French electricity and gas distribution operators are creating the ORE Agency today (Operateurs de Réseaux d’Energie, Energy Grid Operators), an association that pools digitals resources. ORE Agency federates more than 170 distribution operators towards a common goal: addressing the new digital challenges of the ecological and socially sustainable […]

India unveils $2.5 billion plan to electrify all households by end 2018

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, launched a 2.5-billion-dollar project to electrify the country’s households by the end of 2018, providing free connections to the poor and at very low cost to others. More than 40 million households -about a quarter of all in the country- are yet to be electrified […]

First subsidy-free solar power plant with battery storage opened in UK

The first solar power plant in the UK to operate without any kind of government subsidy was officially opened on 26 September. The Clayhill Solar Farm constitutes a 10MW solar farm in Bedfordshire along with 6MW of battery storage, developed by Anesco. The farm is expected to generate enough power […]