January 2017

Quadrennial Energy Review 1.2

The GridWise Alliance has provided comment and input for the Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) 1.2 that the Administration released in January. You can read the Executive Summary here.  It appears that a number of the recommendations are relevant from GridWise’s perspective. And, there is recommendation of several of the themes that […]

Member of the Month: The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre

The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre (NSGC) was established in 2010 on the basis of a recommendation of the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in its national strategy process for defining future Energy R&D in Norway. NSGC is a strategic partnership, organized as a membership organization, where the purpose is to […]

Good Neighbours on the Grid: Large-Scale Solar, Utilities, and Customers

An energy system is, in some ways, like a neighbourhood. Utilities and other distribution grid operators, DER operators, and end users all affect each other, directly and indirectly. Their differing agendas are, in many ways, complementary. Holistic awareness of an energy neighbourhood can yield more robust and mutually beneficial energy […]

Customer Experience & Expectations

The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative has released its latest research, Customer Experience and Expectations. The new report seeks to understand how grid modernization and experiences with a broad range of service providers have impacted consumers’ attitudes toward their energy provider. The research was conducted as an online survey of 2,000 […]