Newsletter June 2015

Third Law Passed In Japanese Electricity System Reform

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, followed by the Fukushima nuclear accident, talks have proceeded on revising the existing electricity system in Japan, in the so-called Electricity System Reform (ESR). The reform’s main objectives consist of securing a stable supply of electricity, while suppressing electricity rates to the maximum extent […]

ISGAN – GSGF summit: “The Role of Communications as Critical Enabler for the Development of Smart Energy Systems”

The International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) and Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF), in partnership with the European project, ELECTRA, are organizing a two-day international conference on the critical role of communications in enabling smarter, cleaner energy systems. The conference brings together smart grids, smart energy, smart cities, and communications […]

Communicating with customers in case of blackouts

European power supply is among the most reliable in the world. Nevertheless, unplanned power interruptions do occur – for instance in extreme weather situations. In those cases, keeping those affected informed and updated is crucial. In spring 2014, EURELECTRIC carried out a survey among industry associations and distribution system operators (DSOs) from 11 EU countries – DE, ES, FI, […]