Newsletter April 2015

5th European Technology Platform (ETP) on SmartGrids General Assembly: SmartGrids ready for large-scale implementation, the ETP a player that counts

ETP SmartGrids supports the vision laid out in the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan integrated roadmap of the European Commission Confirms its role as key organisation at the cross road between European and National SmartGrids initiatives Celebrates the 1st European Innovative SmartGrids Solutions Competition The European Technology Platform on SmartGrids […]

Public perceptions of demand-side management and a smarter energy future

Demand-side management (DSM) is a key aspect of many future energy system scenarios1,2. DSM refers to a range of technologies and interventions designed to create greater e ciency and flexibility on the demand-side of the energy system3. Examples include the provision of more information to users to support e cient […]

UK smart grid development: An expert assessment of the benefits, pitfalls and functions

Making electricity grids smarter is a challenging, long-term, and ambitious process. It consists of many possible transitions and involves many actors relevant to existing and potential functions of the grid. We applied a two round Policy Delphi process with a range of sectoral experts who discussed important drivers, barriers, benefits, […]