Newsletter March 2015

Review: Regulatory Recommendations for the Deployment of Flexibility

Smart Grid Taskforce EG3 Report. The Smart Grid Task Force (SGTF) EG3 released a report called “Regulatory Recommendations for the Deployment of Flexibility” describing a high level view of what flexibility is and proposes recommendations to promote its use. The report starts with an overview of what flexibility is and […]

CEER Benchmarking Report 5.2 on the Continuity of Electricity Supply

This Benchmarking Report 5.2 (BR 5.2) aims to provide a partial update of the indicators related to Continuity of Supply (CoS) included in the 5th CEER Benchmarking Report, published in 2011. Where the full Benchmarking Report addresses three areas of the Quality of Supply of electricity networks (Continuity of Supply, Voltage Quality and […]

Initial Proposals for a European Energy Union

The European Commission has an opportunity to enable Member States move towards a genuine Energy Union. ENTSO-E and its member transmission system operators (TSOs), who play an important role in the development and facilitation of the electricity market, aim to contribute to this strategic thinking. Building on the strong foundation of the […]

Towards smarter grids: Developing TSO and DSO roles and interactions for the benefit of consumers

Europe’s energy landscape is experiencing profound change as increasing amounts of renewable energy sources (RES) displace conventional forms of generation. This development has gone hand-in-hand with an expanding share of power production taking place at the distribution level. Simultaneously, consumers have started to become active participants in the market, either by taking on […]