Newsletter September 2014

Fifth Clean Energy Ministerial Report

> Clean Energy Ministry Energy ministers and other dignitaries from the 23 Clean Energy Ministry (CEM) participating governments attended CEM5 along with nearly 100 representatives from the private sector and non-government organizations. Engagement with the private sector and other stakeholders is an integral part of the CEM mission to accelerate […]

Opportunity to innovate in the Irish Energy market

David Connolly, Associate Professor, Aalborg University – David Connolly recently published a peer-reviewed scientific paper in the International journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, which outlines how Ireland can transition to a 100% renewable energy system without increasing the costs of energy, but while creating 100,000 additional jobs at […]

Future renewable energy costs: offshore and onshore wind

BVGassociates for KIC InnoEnergy How is technology innovation anticipated to reduce the cost of energy from European offshore wind farms? The purpose of these reports is to document the anticipated future offshore/onshore wind cost of energy to projects reaching their financial investment decision (FID) in 2025, by reference to robust […]