JSCA co-hosted the Smart Community Summit 2017 with NEDO

The theme of Smart Community Summit 2017 was ” New business created from energy systems” . On June 8 and 9, Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA) held the “Smart Community Summit 2017” in Tokyo, with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).  From GSGF, Mr. Oscar Miranda gave a […]

The Energy Vision 2030-2050 of Flanders

The Flemish government has approved the Energy Vision 2030-2050, which determines how to continue the energy policy in Flanders after 2020. It is the result of one year of consultation between the Flemish Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein, over 40 stakeholders from industry, academia, social partners and different sector federations […]

North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s State of Reliability 2017 Report

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s State of Reliability 2017 report reviews past performance of the bulk power system, examines the state of system design, planning and operations, and the ongoing efforts by NERC and industry to continually improve system reliability and resiliency. This independent review of bulk power system […]

Western Europe to invest heavily in smart grid infrastructure over the next decade

A new report compiled by Northeast Group predicts investment in smart grid infrastructure in Western Europe to reach $133.7 billion by 2027. Western Europe “is in the process of massive power grid modernization investments to underpin its position as one of the global leaders in promoting energy efficiency and renewable […]