The full liberalization of electricity retail market in Japan started.

Up until now, the low voltage (consumers below 50 kW of maximum demand) electricity retail market in Japan has been a local monopoly market, with 10 vertically integrated electricity companies (the electricity market for factories and office buildings has been deregulated in 2000, for consumers above 500 kW in 2004, […]

Third Law Passed In Japanese Electricity System Reform

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, followed by the Fukushima nuclear accident, talks have proceeded on revising the existing electricity system in Japan, in the so-called Electricity System Reform (ESR). The reform’s main objectives consist of securing a stable supply of electricity, while suppressing electricity rates to the maximum extent […]

Demonstrations of Smart Communities in Japan

In Japan, various types of demonstrations have been conducted, aiming to form a Japanese model for smart grids. These efforts are to promote stabilization of power systems and standardization in a unified way, while responding to new demands, such as large-scale introduction of renewable energy and next-generation vehicles. In 2010, […]