Country Presentations from Amsterdam Board Meeting

In Amsterdam a very interesting discussion took place aiming at the overall view of the members on the challenges for their local organizations with the aim to find out how GSGF could help to be the bridge for information exchange between them to address their main concerns. Overall, it was […]

North Ireland Smart meter trial confirms consumer preference for TOU tariffs

Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) owns the electricity transmission and distribution network and operates the electricity distribution network in Northern Ireland, which transports electricity to over 840,000 customers.   Acquired by ESB in December 2010, NIE remains an autonomous organisation with its own Board and management teams and separate regulation via the […]

Opportunity to innovate in the Irish Energy market

David Connolly, Associate Professor, Aalborg University – David Connolly recently published a peer-reviewed scientific paper in the International journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, which outlines how Ireland can transition to a 100% renewable energy system without increasing the costs of energy, but while creating 100,000 additional jobs at […]