European Union

Adapting distribution network tariffs to a decentralized energy future

European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids (EDSO) has issued a position paper highlighting the need for distribution network tariff-setting to be adapted to the increasing integration of distributed renewable energy sources (DRES) and to the transition toward a more decentralised energy system. EDSO notes that its views, for example, […]

European Commission approves new SET-plan

The European Commission’s Energy Union strategy, adopted in February 2015, dedicates one of its five dimensions to research, innovation and competitiveness. The integrated SET-Plan will play a central role in a new European energy Research & Innovation (R&I) approach designed to accelerate the energy system transformation. A communication addressing the […]

“Towards an Integrated Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan: Accelerating the European Energy System Transformation

This Communication takes stock of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan and outlines areas for future consultation and work. Since 2007, the SET Plan has been at the forefront of European energy technology policy. In that time it has had success on several fronts. It has created a vibrant open innovation […]