Commercial Resources

Interesting documents about the commercialization process of smart grids.

Radical changes for electricity utilities by Paul Budde

There is no doubt that the current business model of most electricity utilities around the world is under enormous pressure. From many different directions – political, environmental and economical – the industry is under pressure and it has no choice but to change. This, of course, is far more easily […]

Current asset management leaves much room for improvement

The importance of work and asset management priorities and operations for utilities cannot be overstated. New research from Bridge Energy Group, which polled more than 20,000 North American utility associates to validate the usefulness of work and asset management software while disclosing the current state of mobile and scheduling/dispatch systems, […]

ESIC Energy Storage Cost Tool

This ESIC Energy Storage Cost Tool is intended to organize and list the full set of cost line items for a distribution-connected energy storage project from initial project development through decommissioning. The cost template includes one-time, upfront project costs, recurring annual or periodic costs, and end-of-life costs. Vendors and customers/utilities […]

Consumers want speed, security, satisfaction with utility billing

Consumer billing and bill payment behavior is linked to three factors: speed, security and satisfaction, according to Fiserv’s Eighth Annual Consumer Billing Household Survey. Consumers want a bill payment experience that is as easy, convenient and as intuitive as a push of a button. Speed and security are the drivers […]

Digital Customer Centricity – A requirement for utilities

According to Pricewaterhouse Coopers, by 2020, about 95% of a utility’s bill-paying customers will have either grown up during the age of digital technology or will be “digital converts” and fully digital savy. Digital technology continues to transform your customers’ expectations. In order to stay competitive and provide a positive […]