Power Grid Electrical Energy Storage Work Group

Chairman: Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, Japan Smart Community Alliance

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Use of renewable energy for realizing a lower carbon future has been a growing international trend. However, electricity generated by solar and wind power fluctuates sharply, causing such problems as grid voltage and frequency instability. Therefore, expectations regarding electrical energy storage technology have been increasing as it may be an effective means of mitigating the impact of inherently variable power sources on grid systems.


The Work Group will therefore identify possible grid-related issues expected to emerge due to external environmental change, including the spread of renewable energy and others. It will also organize case studies on the use of battery systems as electric energy storage toward a resolution of identified issues, determine the status of functions necessary for battery systems to address such issues, and evaluate the feasibility of such functions from the perspective of technical, economical and regulatory aspect. Based on the outcome, the WG will clarify the effect of battery system as electrical energy storage and submit recommendations for further dissemination of battery systems to policymakers and potential battery systems users (customers, utilities, grid operators, etc.).

Accordingly, the Work Group plans to conduct a study on the following:

  1. Organization of possible grid-related issues associated with external environmental change (the need for a solution using diffusion of renewable energy, etc.)
  2. Collection and analysis of cases using battery systems as energy storage to address issues (case studies)
  3. Recommendation on the role of battery systems toward resolution of grid-related issues

Download the report ‘Power Grid Electrical Energy Storage’