Interoperability and standards (IWG)

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Chairman: Per‐Olof Granstrom, EDSO for Smart Grids

With the aim to initiate a strategic discussion among the GSGF board of directors, making the issue of Interoperability available also outside the very technical and expert oriented standardization community, the work of the Interoperability Working Group is working on the following: describing what interoperability is, why it is so important and (if possible) attaching a value to it, mapping existing and on-going works on smart grid standards and interoperability globally, identifying areas where further work on standards and interoperability is needed, where standards are being/should be developed and where other measures are needed, and highlighting some best practices for smart grid interoperability.

The development of Smart Grids is key to reaching a sustainable, competitive and secure future economy. The whole energy value chain is undergoing a paradigm shift from a centrally focused system towards a more distributed and dynamic one.

This brings about great challenges for technologies, systems and organizations to operate and work together, with new roles and responsibilities, new business models, new services and products and new social interactions. To make this possible, a well identified and improved set of standards, capable of assuring a high level of system interoperability, is needed to ensure that new products and services can operate in a multivendor, multi-standards, local manufacturing and multi-operator environment. The distributed architecture of the future needs and the ability to share, aggregate, and execute on data on a near real-time basis, cannot happen without interoperability.

Many organisations are involved in work on smart grids standards and interoperability and the general idea of the working group is not to invent the wheel but to be connected to and base the work on the on-going work and findings so far. We have working group members heavily involved in the NIST (US) as well as the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI (EU) standards and interoperability work.

The working group will bring forward a 15 pages paper by the end of 2013, with the above described content, focusing on a few important areas. The attention is put on the customer side/smart metering/distribution, taking into account also cyber security issues.
At the moment the group is preparing regional/country level input on gaps, hurdles and best practices within specific domains/use cases; cyber security, market design and distribution grid management, etc. At the latest group meeting we had a very interesting webinar on a smart grid standards mapping tool and at the next meeting we will have a presentation from the chairman of the CEN/CENELEC/ETSI on-going work on interoperability.

In order to make this work truly global, we are interested in further volunteers. If you are interested, have questions or ideas regarding the work, please contact Per-Olof Granström (

Current membership:

  • US Zac Canders
  • US John McDonald
  • Israel Daniel Sfez
  • Denmark Thomas Mikkelsen
  • Korea possible new volunteer to join the group
  • Ireland Martin Dunlea
  • Italy Romano Napolitano
  • The Netherlands Joris Knigge
  • Australia Guo Chen