Working Groups

Flexibility Working Group

Chairman: Laurent Schmitt and Rodolphe de Beaufort, Think Smartgrids

In this report, the Flexibility Working Group presents the status of demand response integration in different parts of the
world. The contributions from the Global Smart Grid Federation regions consist of several parts:

  • Some short information of the market model of the country or region in question. In this report we limit ourselves to
    some basic issues, for more information in Europe for instance we can refer to the report of the Smart Energy Demand
    Coalition .
  • Which barriers towards implementation of demand response and dynamic pricing schemes exist in the region.
  • A few important research and demonstration projects on demand response and dynamic pricing.


Cyber Security Working Group

Chairman: Dr. Shailendra Fuloria, India Smart Grid Forum

The Work Group on Cyber Security was formed by GSGF in May 2015 to examine security issues in various segments of the smart grid eco-system. This report discusses such issues in smart meters and the associated advance metering infrastructure. It is expected that the global smart meter deployment would cross 800 million by 2020. Several geographies including North America and Europe have achieved a significant portion of their targets already. Smart meters will provide a platform to utilities for optimizing their overall infrastructure, improving efficiency and managing demand-supply in a better way. While these are significant benefits, it is also understood that as software and communications become more pervasive, systems will become prone to previously alien issues – security being one of them.

Work group finished in August 2016

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Power Grid Electrical Energy Storage Work Group

Chairman: Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, Japan Smart Community Alliance

The goal is to identify possible grid-related issues expected to emerge due to external environmental change, including the spread of renewable energy and others. It will also organize case studies on the use of battery systems as electric energy storage toward a resolution of identified issues, determine the status of functions necessary for battery systems to address such issues, and evaluate the feasibility of such functions from the perspective of technical, economical and regulatory aspect.

Work group finished in January 2016

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Grid Connectivity of Distributed Generation (GCDG)

Chairman: Robert Wilhite III, DNVKEMA

The working group Grid Connectivity of Distributed Generation (GCDG) deals with the connection of small generation and their integration in the overall system. The aim is to overcome vendor specific approaches and to make the behavior transparent to the user, the supplier and the grid operator. In that respect, grid codes as found in all synchronous systems can serve as a framework of thinking.

Work group finished in 2014

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.Interfaces of Grid Users/ Focus on EV and Local Storage (GUII)

Chairman: Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, Japan Smart Community Alliance

The Interfaces of Grid Users Working Group deals with grid user interactions and interfaces with special emphasis on electrical vehicles and small storage devices in residential and commercial buildings. The aim is to develop the necessary tools for enabling the customer to make choices regarding prices and energy sourcing, to organize the retail market and to introduce new services.

Work group finished in 2014

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.Interoperability and standards (IWG)

Chairman: Per‐Olof Granstrom, EDSO for Smart Grids

With the aim to initiate a strategic discussion among the GSGF board of directors, making the issue of Interoperability available also outside the very technical and expert oriented standardization community, the work of the Interoperability Working Group is working on the following: describing what interoperability is, why it is so important and (if possible) attaching a value to it, mapping existing and on-going works on smart grid standards and interoperability globally, identifying areas where further work on standards and interoperability is needed, where standards are being/should be developed and where other measures are needed, and highlighting some best practices for smart grid interoperability.

Work group finished in 2014

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