About GSGF

The Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) is a global stakeholder organization committed to creating smarter, cleaner electrical systems around the world. GSGF is comprised of national smart grid organizations from ten countries. GSGF brings together the intellectual capital of smart grid stakeholder organizations from around the world to:

  • facilitate the collaboration of national and international Smart Grid nongovernmental organizations and governmental organizations from around the world to conduct and foster research in the application of Smart Grid technologies;
  • support rapid implementation of Smart Grid technologies by establishing itself as the global center for competency on Smart Grid technologies and policy issues;
  • foster the international exchange of ideas and best practices on energy issues, including reliability, efficiency, security, and climate change;
  • create avenues for dialogue and cooperation between the public and private sectors in countries around the world on issues relating to the deployment of Smart Grid technologies.

These and other activities help member organizations initiate changes to their countries’ electric systems to enhance security, increase flexibility, reduce emissions, and maintain affordability, reliability, and accessibility.

Each member organization has a seat on the board of directors, which directs all activities of the Global Smart Grid Federation. The bylaws of the organization will be jointly developed and endorsed by the charterĀ  members.

Global Smart Grid Federation was established in 2010.

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