ISGAN public workshop ‘Building the flexible power systems’

September 12th a public workshop of the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) took place on the premises of the Thor Science Park in Genk, Belgium. The workshop titled ‘Building the flexible power systems. From analog to digital, from lorry to EV, from customers to prosumers’ was co-hosted by the FPS Economy, SME, Self-Employed and Energy – DG Energy & EnergyVille. The Global Smart Grid Federation was partner of this event.

This ISGAN public workshop gathered world-class speakers from international organizations, public authorities, utilities and research institutes to exchange views on current and future energy policies, to showcase best practices and to bring together experts in various technologies to come to a power system vision. The main focus was on unlocking the full flexibility potential throughout the power system in order to reach the ambitious targets for the deployment of renewable energy sources.

The current local and European situation was sketched by Jean-Marc Delporte of FPS and Marc van Stiphout of the European Commission.

The first session focused on the synergies between ISGAN and GSGF, two organizations with a vision on technology and parallel interests. The Executive Director of GSGF Ronnie Belmans explained in the high-level introduction the relationship between GSGF and ISGAN and the role GSGF can play in the deployment of flexibility throughout the world.

In the second session, Pieter Vingerhoets presented the results of the GSGF study ‘Flexibility around the world’. The conclusions clearly show that while Europe often assumes being in the lead on the topic of demand response, some Asian and American regions have even more flexibility integrated in their system. The debate focused on cross experiences with CEM and the ISGAN organization.

In the following sessions, more organizations shared their experience and their ambitions towards flexibility integration. Practical examples from Elia (a Belgian TSO), complemented with internationally renowned organizations like IEA PVPS, SANEDI, State Grid R&D center China, DSM, and ECS. The evening was closed by the Mayor of Genk, Wim Dries, a city which is evolving from its coal mining past towards a renewable future.

You can find all slides used during the public workshop online.