REthinking Energy 2017: Accelerating the global energy transformation

The report REthinking Energy from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), examines the dramatic changes under way in the energy sector in many countries as the quest for a sustainable future continues. This third edition emphasises that accelerated deployment will fuel economic growth, create new employment opportunities, enhance human welfare and contribute to a climate-safe future.

Global renewable energy capacity and output have increased rapidly and continue to grow at an unprecedented pace, particularly in the power sector. Building on this momentum, renewable energy is well positioned to play a central role in the implementation of international agreements on both climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). IRENA estimates that a doubling of the share of renewables to 36% by 2030 is technically feasible and economically viable.

The foundations for accelerating the transition exist today. This report brings together the latest developments in policy, finance and technology that collectively drive the energy transformation. Furthermore, it cites different sets of actions that can help decision makers step up their efforts to maximise the social, economic and environmental benefits of an accelerated transition.

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