Electrification Alliance launched

Avere, EURELECTRIC, the European Copper Institute, the European Heat Pump Association, SolarPower Europe and WindEurope have joined forces to launch the Electrification Alliance, calling for electricity to be recognised as the pivotal energy carrier for an efficient and decarbonised European future.

Decarbonising Europe is vital if the Paris Agreement target of keeping global warming below two degrees is to be met. The Declaration states that as electricity in Europe decarbonises, it will reveal its true value as it becomes key to achieve a more energy efficient, cleaner and more digital European economy. In the text, the various groups set 2050 as the date by which Europe must be decarbonised and acknowledge the threat that climate change poses.

The declaration insists it will offer investment and support for technologies that reduce carbon intensity, while promoting a more decentralized energy mix that delivers better flexibility and integration of energy sources. Other areas addressed include the integration with the transport and heating sector, while solar’s capacity to deliver clean energy will be given greater prominence as well.

The Alliance is calling for reforms under the current legislative review of European climate, energy and transport legislation, to speed up the future development of electrification. It also calls on the EU to remove barriers to electrification, to roll-out the “much-needed” widespread electric vehicle charging infrastructure and to enable the deployment of smart and efficient heating and cooling technologies.

More information and the Declaration can be found here