New World Bank tool helps map solar potential

World Bank has partnered with International Solar Alliance to launch a free, web-based tool called Global Solar Atlas. The tool is designed to assist investors and policymakers identify potential sites for solar power generation almost anywhere in the world.

Global Solar Atlas displays annual average solar power potential and can zoom into areas in detail, with a spatial resolution of 1km or 0.6 of a mile. The tool also affords access to high resolution global and regional maps and geographic information system data. Users can print poster maps and use the data in other applications.

The data can also be retrieved through the International Renewable Energy Agency’s Global Atlas for Renewable Energy. Users will be able to overlay additional data such as transmission lines and protected areas to identify possible site for solar development.

To minimise the risks associated with higher margins of uncertainty, the World Bank plans to install solar measurement stations in at least 20 developing countries over the next four years.

For more information on the Global Solar Atlas tool, see full article.