US smart meter deployments to hit 70 million in 2016, 90 million in 2020

In the US, smart meters are now the rule rather than the exception for US electric utilities. A new report from the Edison Foundation revealed that the US had installed 65 million smart meters as of 2015. The number is estimated to rise to 70 million by the end of 2016 – making up more than half of all households in the country. Edison’s data only involves meters that can measure and record electricity usage data hourly, or more frequently, and allow for two-way communication between the utilities and their customers. Excluded are ‘drive-by’ meters, or automated meter reading systems, which account for tens of millions more customers across the US.

The report provides breakdowns of deployed and projected advanced metering infrastructure rollouts for 45 utilities, along with details on their plans. California utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison top the list with more than 5 million smart meters each, followed by Florida Power & Light with 4.9 million, and Texas-based Oncor with 3.4 million.

On the list of utilities with advanced metering infrastructure plans, Commonwealth Edison in Chicago has 1.8 million meters deployed out of 4.2 million planned, and Consolidated Edison in New York is deploying 3.6 million by 2021, with only 4,100 deployed so far.

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