Member of the month: Think Smartgrids

First International Forum IEEE Smart Grids for Smart Cities

The international Forum on Smart Grids for Smart Cities organised by IEEE in partnership with Think Smartgrids took place from 16 to 18 October in the Salon de l’Hôtel des Arts et Métiers in Paris. Philippe Monloubou, President of Think Smartgrids, was present during the opening session of the colloquium.

During this event over 40 international speakers active in the energy sector gathered to talk about the contribution of Smart Grids for Smart Cities. Among the speakers were Philippe Monloubou (President of Think Smartgrids), Makoto Watanabe (Executive Director of NEDO) but also representatives of the Regulatory Commission of Brazil.

Furthermore, round tables were organized with stakeholders mainly from the research sector but also of the Regulatory Commission (CRE), the European Commission etc. on Smart Grids, their place in the implementation of Smart Cities and Smart Communities and the related technology, applications, standards and regulations. Think Smartgrids has proposed visits to the demonstrators Poste Intelligent and Nice Grid in the continuation of the Forum.