Daily Archives: June 22, 2016

Radical changes for electricity utilities by Paul Budde

There is no doubt that the current business model of most electricity utilities around the world is under enormous pressure. From many different directions – political, environmental and economical – the industry is under pressure and it has no choice but to change. This, of course, is far more easily […]

The full liberalization of electricity retail market in Japan started.

Up until now, the low voltage (consumers below 50 kW of maximum demand) electricity retail market in Japan has been a local monopoly market, with 10 vertically integrated electricity companies (the electricity market for factories and office buildings has been deregulated in 2000, for consumers above 500 kW in 2004, […]

Nanomaterial to drive new generation of solar cells

Research physicists from the ANU/ARC Centre of Excellence CUDOS and the University of California Berkeley have discovered radical new properties in a nanomaterial, opening the possibility for highly efficient thermophotovoltaic cells that could one day harvest heat in the dark and turn it into electricity. It has been predicted that […]

Top 3 energy storage advances from the White House Summit

At last week’s White House Summit on renewables and energy storage, dozens of grid operators, power companies, federal and community organizations, developers, manufacturers and investors announced commitments to support the U.S. in moves toward a more reliable energy grid. Click here for the top three most impactful and interesting items.