Daily Archives: June 21, 2016

Current asset management leaves much room for improvement

The importance of work and asset management priorities and operations for utilities cannot be overstated. New research from Bridge Energy Group, which polled more than 20,000 North American utility associates to validate the usefulness of work and asset management software while disclosing the current state of mobile and scheduling/dispatch systems, […]

The Hidden Battery- Opportunities in Electric Water Heating

Energy and environmental stakeholders are uniting around “community storage” to help solve the electric industry’s energy storage challenge, as key industry groups, including the nation’s utility trade associations, environmental groups, manufacturers and more than a dozen individual utilities, support the Community Storage Initiative. Community storage refers to a spectrum of […]

Utility Security: Exceeding Mandates to Mitigate Risk

Security is more than just a regulatory-driven necessity for utilities; it has become a business imperative. Most utilities can no longer do business effectively or efficiently without internet of things (IoT) technology; and recent events in the Ukraine have shown that large-scale attacks against power grids can succeed. Beginning July […]

ESIC Energy Storage Cost Tool

This ESIC Energy Storage Cost Tool is intended to organize and list the full set of cost line items for a distribution-connected energy storage project from initial project development through decommissioning. The cost template includes one-time, upfront project costs, recurring annual or periodic costs, and end-of-life costs. Vendors and customers/utilities […]

Consumers want speed, security, satisfaction with utility billing

Consumer billing and bill payment behavior is linked to three factors: speed, security and satisfaction, according to Fiserv’s Eighth Annual Consumer Billing Household Survey. Consumers want a bill payment experience that is as easy, convenient and as intuitive as a push of a button. Speed and security are the drivers […]