Smart Grids Flanders celebrates 5th birthday

On January 28, Smart Grids Flanders celebrated its 5th birthday by announcing its plans for the future. Peter Verboven (SGF): “We will actively stimulate innovation in the smart energy sector. We’ll facilitate international collaboration and act as a mouthpiece towards the government. Of course we’ll also continue our strong tradition of networking and knowledge sharing events.”

It was all but an evening of nostalgia, the recent lustrum of Smart Grids Flanders (SGF), the membership organization that aims to facilitate the roll-out of intelligent electricity networks or ‘smart grids’, both in Flanders and internationally. All speakers at the event gave future-oriented presentations, brimming with ambition and excitement over the fast pace of changes in the smart energy world. “Energy is fun,” said Ronnie Belmans (EnergyVille & Global Smart Grid Federation): “I’m curious to see new players and business models emerge.”

Kris Van Daele (Fifthplay & president of Smart Grids Flanders) stressed that Belgium and the Netherlands have developed close ties over the past five years: “We’re pleased to announce that as of 2016, our Brussels office has been enforced by Muriel Denayer, a part-time employee seconded by the Dutch grid company Alliander.” Jo De Backer (NIKO Group) was the host of the evening: “NIKO is an active industry player within Smart Grids Flanders. We believe collaboration will be crucial in the future, be it between colleagues, companies, competitors or countries.”

Smart Grids Flanders aims to strengthen its international relationships. Do you see opportunities for future cooperation or synergy? Please let us know at