“Towards an Integrated Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan: Accelerating the European Energy System Transformation

This Communication takes stock of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan and outlines areas for future consultation and work. Since 2007, the SET Plan has been at the forefront of European energy technology policy. In that time it has had success on several fronts. It has created a vibrant open innovation ecosystem which capitalises on the results of research. And it has contributed to open science by making many of its results accessible to all. While maintaining these building blocks of success, it now needs to be upgraded and adapted to the Energy Union’s main objectives and core priorities. The new integrated SET Plan must identify those strategic priorities and actions needed to accelerate this EU energy system transformation in a cost-effective way. It needs greater prioritisation, integration, coordination and ownership. It needs to better identify gaps, duplication and synergies at EU and national level. It also needs to take advantage of opportunities to blend the digital and physical worlds in the energy domain. At the same time, it has to be open to the world by addressing international cooperation for global challenges. To achieve the above, promoting new investments at all stages of the innovation chain is vital. This is why the financing and market-uptake measures must be well-linked and focussed on delivering the key actions, and thereby succeed at accelerating the implementation of an integrated SET Plan agenda.

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