Really global GSGF workshop on energy storage at the ESA Annual Conference

Following the board of directors’ meeting in Washington, GSGF organised a much appreciated workshop on energy storage at the ESA Annual Conference, highlighting the progress of energy storage (ES) from three continents. With increasing connections of distributed variable and renewable energy generation, introduction of electric vehicles and smart metering empowered consumers, the need for flexibility in the distribution networks is dramatically increasing. ES, being one of the cornerstones in the smart grid development, can be vital to maintaining secure energy supply and quality of service to consumers.

Incentives for stakeholders to invest in ES firmly depend on the market design, competition/unbundling, the level of renewable energy penetration, and of course the regulatory frameworks, differing greatly across the markets. GSGF provided with this workshop a truly global perspective highlighting developments and specific ES projects in Japan, Italy and Canada: Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, the Secretary General of the JSCA, gave together with Nithiananthan Rajendran from Toshiba insights to the development in Japan; Valerio Vadacchino, Manager of Enel Green Power presented Italian projects and progress; and Alex Bettencourt, the Managing Director of SmartGrid Canada, highlighted what is happening in Canada. Per-Olof Granström, Vice-Chairman of GSGF and Secretary General EDSO for Smart Grids, moderated the seminar.

Download the presentations: