Good Neighbours on the Grid: Large-Scale Solar, Utilities, and Customers   Recently updated !

An energy system is, in some ways, like a neighbourhood. Utilities and other distribution grid operators, DER operators, and end users all affect each other, directly and indirectly. Their differing agendas are, in many ways, complementary. Holistic awareness of an energy neighbourhood can yield more robust and mutually beneficial energy […]

Energy Storage Primed for Dramatic Growth in Emerging Markets, Helping Renewable Power   Recently updated !

New research from the World Bank Group shows that energy storage technology will become more accessible in emerging markets in the coming decade, enabling a significant scale-up of renewable energy as a clean source of electricity generation. The new report commissioned by IFC and the World Bank-administered Energy Sector Management […]

Growing from 1000VDC PV Systems to 1500VDC; Why and How?   Recently updated !

Why did the industry move from 600 volt solar arrays to 1000 volt solar arrays? The answer is simple, to reduce system costs. The value of increased system voltages is realized in infrastructure savings, reduced installation costs, and end-to-end efficiency improvements. That is the same reason that the industry is […]

 “Beyond the Grid: The Connected Consumer and the Smart Energy Future”.    Recently updated !

In 2016, the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) successfully completed many projects with the aim of improving our understanding of consumers in the changing energy marketplace and how to better engage them in smart energy. The annual report reviews all of SGCC’s achievements from 2016. Download here.

Member of the Month: Smart Grids Flanders   Recently updated !

A new organization with a new name, new goals and new faces At the Smart Grids Flanders new year’s reception on 19 January, President Kris Van Daele (Fifthplay) passed the torch to Jan Jaeken (Milvus). In April 2017, Smart Grids Flanders will officially be rebranded to the Flemish Energy Cluster. […]