Ensuring security and reliability in smart meters   Recently updated !

Close collaboration is key in fighting security issues Today, GSGF published a report on the cyber security issues in smart meters and the associated advance metering infrastructure. While smart meters offer significant benefits, it is also understood that as software and communications become more pervasive, systems will become prone to […]

What if we redesigned the grid from nothing?   Recently updated !

In a recent podcast, the Energy Gang questioned whether utilities, regulators and third-party energy companies will ever coalesce around a common vision for the future grid? The president and CEO of the Smart Electric Power Alliance talked about how to reconcile rapid technology change with the way electric utilities are […]

Bridge Energy tech transforms grid data into images   Recently updated !

BRIDGE has developed a Geospatial Visualization System (GVS) that Arizona Public Service (APS) deployed in an energy control center, transforming thousands of data elements of the Arizona transmission grid. The system transforms those data elements, previously available only in table format, into an easy-to-understand visual display. The visualization improves situational […]

How the Grid Was Won: Three Scenarios for the Distributed Grid in 2030   Recently updated !

In this analysis GTM considers how today’s transformation in the electricity sector will be viewed in the future. Will our current focus on distributed energy resources look like a short-lived fad, a revolutionary turn, or something in between? In an attempt to engage with these questions, the analysis presents three […]

The North American Smart Meter Market has Plateaued

Utility smart meter projects, providing data on global smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) deployments, analysis of related technologies, timeframes, and vendor selections, including a vendor selection share analysis for North America. US Department of Energy’s Smart Grid Investment Grant Program contributed to an influx of smart meter installations […]