Battery energy storage has a viable future in grid operation support

Today, GSGF published a report on electrical storage in power grids, assessing the possibilities of battery storage in the electrical grid as viable, on a global scale. GSGF envisions that batteries will be firstly used for frequency control, followed by local peak shifting. When this happens, battery production should increase […]

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Startups help utilities unlock greater potential   Recently updated !

On 1 January 2016, the wholesale power market in Mexico launched as part of an effort to reform the country’s energy market. The reform includes a new clean energy law, which outlines the minimum percentages for renewable energy generation over the next 35 years. The new law is part of […]

The Grid4EU Final Event   Recently updated !

Grid4EU: A Large-scale demonstration project of advanced smart grids solutions with wide replication and scalability potential for Europe. Designed in response to a call for projects from the European Commission, the project lays the groundwork for the development of tomorrow’s electricity grids. Financed to the tune of €25 M by […]

The new face of utility storm damage assessment   Recently updated !

The expectations of customers, regulators and politicians to receive timely and accurate information on a storm’s impacts and the utility’s response are rising. Aiming to satisfy stakeholder expectations and expedite restoration, utilities across the world are deploying mobile data collection tools to link data from the field with information available […]