Battery energy storage has a viable future in grid operation support

Today, GSGF published a report on electrical storage in power grids, assessing the possibilities of battery storage in the electrical grid as viable, on a global scale. GSGF envisions that batteries will be firstly used for frequency control, followed by local peak shifting. When this happens, battery production should increase […]

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A snapshot of the most influential business trends along the grid edge   Recently updated !

Every quarter, GTM Research’s grid edge analysts compile the most important data and findings from the past three months for Grid Edge Executive Council members. We’ve tapped into the Q4 2015 Grid Edge Executive Briefing to showcase a few of those findings across mergers and acquisitions, AMI deployments, demand response, […]

Green bond market taking off   Recently updated !

The green bond market took off in 2014 with $36.6bn issued; triple the amount issued in 2013 ($11bn).  Green Bonds are no different than regular bonds except that the proceeds must be certified that they are being used to improve sustainability and/or reduce CO2 emissions.  However many pension and endowment funds […]

+S$27 million awarded to promote energy innovation in Singapore   Recently updated !

Energy Market Authority has awarded S$27m in research grants to 13 industry-partnered projects in the areas of gas technology and smart grids. The projects were chosen from over 50 proposals and are aimed at improving the reliability and resilience of Singapore’s power infrastructure. The gas technology grants focussed on projects […]

US energy bill promotes efficiency, renewables, clean technology   Recently updated !

The U.S. Senate has passed an energy bill that would spend $32 billion over five years to improve energy efficiency, invest in clean energy technology, capture harmful emissions from coal-burning facilities, allocate money to the Land and Water Conservation Fund, expedite construction of pipelines, and allow for liquefied natural gas […]

Electricity doesn’t drive customer action; innovation in the connected home could   Recently updated !

According to new home energy management data from Parks Associates, 70 percent of U.S. households with smart energy devices report saving money due to reduced energy consumption. However, the research also notes the difficulty of selling smart energy devices based on cost savings, as 83 percent of U.S. broadband households […]