Ensuring security and reliability in smart meters

Close collaboration is key in fighting security issues Today, GSGF published a report on the cyber security issues in smart meters and the associated advance metering infrastructure. While smart meters offer significant benefits, it is also understood that as software and communications become more pervasive, systems will become prone to […]

A new perspective on utilities complaint management

Resolving customer complaints is an unavoidable challenge in the energy and utilities industries. Consumers take issue with products, services, policies, customer service, and the complaint resolution process itself. With multi-million dollar fines at stake, providers must prioritize the implementation of a robust complaints management system. Download your FREE copy of […]

Delivering the Next Generation Utility Customer Experience

This new report discusses a horizontal approach to each customer class – commercial, small business, municipal or residential – that requires an ongoing transformation, rather than a one-time pivot in business practices. By embarking on this transformation today, utilities will be well-positioned to increase their value to customers and shareholders. […]

Australian Energy Efficiency Policy Handbook

The Energy Efficiency Council launched two new documents designed to start a genuine debate among businesses, academics, governments and the broader community on the actions necessary to meet Australia’s energy productivity target. The Australian Energy Efficiency Policy Handbook has been developed in close consultation with experts from across Australia’s energy […]

How the Grid Was Won: Three Scenarios for the Distributed Grid in 2030

In this analysis GTM considers how today’s transformation in the electricity sector will be viewed in the future. Will our current focus on distributed energy resources look like a short-lived fad, a revolutionary turn, or something in between? In an attempt to engage with these questions, the analysis presents three […]

Increasing community’s energy resilience

How is energy efficiency connected to community resilience? The ACEEE answered that question in a report last year, Enhancing Community Resilience through Energy Efficiency. The report found that energy efficiency should be a core resilience strategy because it strengthens energy systems and the communities they serve by providing more reliable […]