Do you really know what’s happening in your electrical network?   Recently updated !

The UK’s electricity networks face a challenging future where the need to continuously evolve – and invest – has never been greater. This challenge, however, also provides a tremendous opportunity. The increase in decentralised REN production, energy storage, the use of electric vehicles and load shedding will disrupt the traditional […]

Smart Networks for Energy Transition

It is estimated that 2.5 billion euros is needed to invest in Research and Innovation over the next 10 years to help manage Europe’s Energy Transition. The European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) has presented long term key priorities to enable the transition towards […]

How utilities can become efficiency innovators   Recently updated !

With future federal clean energy policies in doubt in the US, proactive clean energy policy will probably be left mainly to states in the next few years. A New York policy could fortunately show the way forward on energy efficiency for utilities. In its Reforming the Energy Vision, the New […]

Finland to Phase out Coal by 2030   Recently updated !

The complete discontinuation of using coal for energy will require strong tax steering or legally prohibiting the use of coal. During the current Government term, a proposal will be prepared for an act on the transition period of discontinuing the use of coal as an energy source by 2030, taking […]

Saudi Arabia to establish national water and energy efficiency program   Recently updated !

Saudi Arabia has announced it will establish a national program to optimise water and energy consumption. The program will review current policy incentives in place for the energy and water sectors, taking into account both economic productivity needs and inequality within society. The announcement comes in the middle of major […]