Battery energy storage has a viable future in grid operation support

Today, GSGF published a report on electrical storage in power grids, assessing the possibilities of battery storage in the electrical grid as viable, on a global scale. GSGF envisions that batteries will be firstly used for frequency control, followed by local peak shifting. When this happens, battery production should increase […]

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What if utilities got a better rate of return for distributed energy resources?   Recently updated !

California Public Utilities Commission has released a proposal to offer utilities a better rate of return for distributed energy resources (DERs) projects that replace more expensive capital upgrades. The proposal is to offer a shareholder incentive for the deployment of cost-effective DERs that displace or defer a utility expenditure, based […]

Energy sector moving in the right direction   Recently updated !

Utilities are undergoing a major business transformation as the world moves from the use of carbon-based energy to cleaner sources in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and replace dwindling fossil fuel supplies. As a result, the transmission and distribution networks, in particular, have to adapt to the need of […]

Improvements in battery technology to boost global vehicle grid integration technology   Recently updated !

According to Technavio, the global vehicle grid integration technologies market for 2016-2020 to reach $7.5B by 2020 growing at a CAGR of over 33%. EVs have the potential to reduce pollution and the dependency on fossil fuels. The governments of various countries are providing incentives and building necessary infrastructure to […]

Is the transmission grid ready for aggregated distributed energy resources?   Recently updated !

Independent system operators have empowered aggregators of distributed energy resources to sell services into the transmission grid through market mechanisms. As the flow of electrons between distributed energy resources (DERs) and the transmission grid is mediated by distribution utilities, simply opening the door for DERs only goes so far – […]

SDG&E breaks down solar barrier   Recently updated !

San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) has helped nearly 3,000 private solar customers collectively save more than $3 million on the costs to go solar, according to the utility, using the technology that was developed as an alternative for expensive and time-consuming electric panel upgrades often required to accommodate solar. […]